Vegetation Management

Our Safety Commitment To You

Trinity’s Vegetation Management Division is committed to your well being and safety as well as that of our environment.

All of our materials are EPA registered and approved, and extensive studies have shown that professionally applied herbicides do not adversely affect human health, livestock, wildlife, crops, or the environment. In fact, studies have shown that most EPA registered herbicides are less toxic than most household cleaners that we use daily. It is our promise and commitment to you, that your safety as well as the safety of our staff and environment are our #1 priority.

Our highly trained and certified applicators meet all state and EPA requirements and are always undergoing retraining programs that keep them up-to-date with the newest advancements in our industry, so that we may better serve your individual needs. It is our mission to provide our customers with environmentally sound vegetation control programs using the safest and most advanced methods available.

Why Choose Herbicide?

Our industry is constantly working on new innovative technologies and products, allowing us to develop a wide variety of herbicide solutions and applications methods that cater to your individual needs. Having a vegetation management program in place can be beneficial to your in many ways.

  • Long lasting control that is cost-effective
  • Specialized programs control the undesirable weeds, allowing other desired vegetation to flourish
  • Eliminates invasive species before they can get established
  • Eliminates fire hazards as well as food sources and refuge for pests
  • Eliminates metal corrosion and wood rot thus protecting your investments
  • Improves your site appearance
  • Reduce movement of weed seeds into adjacent properties.

Why Choosing Herbicide Makes Cents

When choosing a vegetation control program using herbicides, you are being cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Having a specialized vegetation management program through spraying decreases the amount of labor needed to maintain an area. Using a specialized application such as Bare Ground, will rid the grounds of existing weeds, but also keeping summer annuals from emerging. You will see a decline in encroachment from surrounding vegetation, eliminating a need for weed eating around the perimeter. Herbicide control is a low-cost application that gets straight to the root of the problem. As herbicide makes its way into the roots of your unwanted pests, it decreases the stem density, eliminating the production of sprouts in the next growing cycle, whereas mowing causes the weed to sore nutrients in the roots, enabling the plant to re-sprout quickly with greater stem density. Choosing a specialized selective herbicide application can decrease treatment of an area by up to 4 times more than mowing, significantly cutting your maintenance costs.

Applications Available For your Specific Needs:

  • Bare Ground
  • Broadleaf
  • Foliar
  • Right of Ways
  • Utilities/Transmission Lines
  • Tree Growth Regulator (TGR)

Bare Ground

Bare ground applications offer prevention and suppression treatments that provide guaranteed weed control, ensuring that areas such as substations, fence-lines, storage areas, pipelines, guard rails, berms and graveled areas such as parking lots an railroad service and storage locations to remain vegetation free, thus deterring insect and animal encroachment and protecting your investments.


Broadleaf applications are great for areas where erosion is of a concern. This application is wonderful is establishing and maintain viewing areas by allowing grasses to remain and woody, taller species to be eliminated. Billboards, slopes, belt lines, hillsides, roadside, runways, spillways, reclaim sites, right-of-ways, pastures, and hayfields all benefit from the broadleaf application.

Tree Growth Regulator (TGR)

TGR will keep better manage trees by reducing the number of times a tree is trimmed or the amount of trimming the tree undergoes. TGR doesn’t stop growth in treated trees, however, it slows growth, allowing for reduced trimming and a longer interval between trimmings. TGR is great for municipalities, person lawns, and utility lines that require frequent pruning. TGR is also used to produce more compact and attractive ornamental trees, thus, golf courses, landscaping, and vista views receive growth regulator treatments.

Wildlife Areas

Wildlife enhancing treatments include new food plot establishment applications that assist in preferred species growth of wildlife-attracting plants. These areas can be reseeded or allowed to naturally regrow native species within 1-2 months of application. It can be used to manipulate and improve wildlife habitat by controlling invasive plants, thus making wildlife areas more appealing.

Right of Way/ Utilities / Transmission Lines / Pipelines

Trinity Tree Services, Inc Vegetation Management Division offers many applications designed specifically for vegetation management of utility right-of-ways. We offer high volume foliar applications for areas with dense growth that need reclamation as well as low volume spraying for previously treated areas that need maintenance with selective applications.

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